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Al-Kawther is a descriptive phonemic, colloquial, and non-academic approach, It is the adaptation of new method of thinking and learning that based on empowering you by possessing the essential keys of knowledge, that enables a person to acquire true information in various fields, whether scientific, historical, religious or even works of art that reveal to you the hidden messages hidden.

Our approach is emerged from the universe unity concept that’s based on the law of dualism:

  • male and female (visible and invisible).

  • For each sound there is a frequency and an echo.

  • For every visible picture there is another hidden picture.

  • For each alphabetic letter there is a visible drawing line that carries a hidden meaning and alive entity.

  • For Each line there is a starting point.

  • For each point there should be a pen.

And from This Website the starting point begins.
Through our pen we’ll explore the essence of thinking to begin the journey of discovery.

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DostSaid Allochtoon
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Oday Abu Adam


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abu haron demachki

Abu Haroon

Artist, Painter & Logo Designer
Researcher in the science of symbolic meaning of international paintings and logos

yassma yazidad

Yessma Yazidad

A specialist in the humanities and social sciences
Writer & Translator

broosk salah munir

Salah Mounir (Mr.Broosk)

Music Composer, Arranger, Guitarist & Lyricist

broosk salah munir

ِAlaa Fawzi (Sharegod)

Voice Over, Proofreader & Writer

broosk salah munir

Alhamzary Zaouya

Web Developer


Coran Rach

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